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Michael Schmitt   Founder & CEO

Today’s world relies on communication via the smartphone, email, text message and social media. ‘Smart Devices’ connect people to ‘Their World’ in every imaginable way. In contrary, the unfortunate result is that many of our seniors from ‘The Greatest Generation’ are being marginalized by this technology... We, as a society, have an obligation to ensure they are included!
— Michael Schmitt

Michael earned his first degree in Graphic Design/computer illustration in 1989, and his BSN nursing degree from the University of Pittsburgh. After working in Critical Care, lived in Bosnia after the war with an Italian mission. He returned to live in Italy for over 10 years, learning language & culture, teaching in the Medical, Biology and Chemistry Departments of the The University of Genova. There he found his true passion, teaching... and opened a school dedicated to  Medical, Scientific, & Business English. 

As an entrepreneur in a foreign country, he experienced three important things: 1st) He is always a student himself, 2nd) Enhanced learning has a fun & natural process based on imitation and the "Observational Learning Model" and 3rd) Our senior population is being marginalized by modern technology. 

In fact, the Italian Ligurian coast where he lived has "the oldest population in the world".  Michael witnessed 1st hand the effect of modern technology on the aging population, no longer in contact with the most important thing in life... their family!

Returning to the USA in 2013, he began working at America's largest & oldest telecom and cellphone company, quickly rising to a top sales position in his first year. Recruited to enter their management training program, his heart remained in teaching and working with the aging population, reconnecting them with 'Their World' of friends & family".

While some seniors have taken to the new technology of 'Smart Devices' with ease, others have been left wondering "Why don't grandchildren answer the phone?" Families ask, "How can we ensure our child's safety on the internet, social media and a new driver's license ?"

TechVine brings a unique blend of skills to easily reconnect families, friends and colleagues through modern technology.

Ponte Vedra Beach, Jax Beach, Nocatee and St. Augustine, FL is the place where Michael offers this unique service... reconnecting people to 'Their World' of love ones, and helping them find new ways of enjoying the things they have always loved...   by "Joining the Smartphone Conversation"!